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Pink Iolaus

Crystal Velvet U-Shaped Whole Body Maternity Pillow SP

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  • Washable and refillable

This ultra-soft, adjustable and odorless fiber filler can bring comfort and fluffy feeling to the side pillows, thereby improving performance and extending service life. Inner layer: Improved brushed fabric is more elastic. Jacket: Comfortable double zipper cotton cooling jacket, machine washable. Comfortable whole body support, using high-density soft fiber fillers to provide smooth and stable whole body support for the back, abdomen, legs, shoulders, arms and neck. Adjustable padding provides long-lasting fullness and durability, making pregnant women's pillows strong and soft. It can perfectly support your body and effectively relieve the discomfort caused by pregnancy.

  • Multifunctional maternity pillow

The ergonomic U-shaped design adopts a unique design to suit the body shape of pregnant women. The U shape is a large U shape that is long enough to stretch and support the sides of the body to help you enjoy a late night sleep during pregnancy. It can provide abdominal support for your sleep, reading and watching TV. The overall shape of this full-body pillow can bring a painless and sweet sleep. It is a good gift for expectant mothers. At the same time, it is very suitable for lying on the side, lying on the back and lying on the belly. Create a comfortable, comfortable and relaxing posture to let you fall asleep, read a book and watch TV in bed. The whole body supports and helps relieve hip pain, so that patients and patients who have recovered from surgery can get better sleep. This is a good gift for family or friends. This exquisite full-body pregnancy pillow can show your relatives, family or friends what you really care about their relaxation and health. This is a great gift.

  • Deep sleep U-shaped pillow

This whole body pregnancy pillow is ideal for relieving sciatica, leg swelling and back pain, preventing liver compression, preventing hypertension syndrome, eliminating toss and turning over; and helping to support the head, back and abdomen, sides, knees , Hips and feet. People may experience different results.


Pillow height: 15.1-20cm (6~7.9 inch)

Filling: polyester fiber

Pillow fabric: pure cotton/crystal velvet

Pillow shape: U shape

colour: Dark Gray,Gray Blue,Gray

Size: 70 * 130cm (28~51 inch)

Weight: 1.4 kg

Package Included:

A pillow case